Toddler has hilarious reaction to going down slide for the very first time: ‘So much chaotic energy’

This toddler’s reaction to going down a slide for the first time had TikTokers cracking up!

Lindsay Arnold (@lindsarnold) is a dancer, Dancing with the Stars winner, and mom who shares videos of her adorable toddler, Sage, on TikTok. Sage is an adventurous toddler and loves trying new things, whether it’s dancing with her mom or learning to swim. But just because she’s adventurous doesn’t mean Sage doesn’t experience fear! In a hilarious video, Lindsay shared Sage’s adorably scared reaction to going down a slide for the first time.

The video begins with a shot of Sage at the top of the slide. The toddler has her blonde hair in pigtails and wears a matching lilac sweatpants and sweatshirt set. In slow motion, Sage launches herself down the slide for the first time. She wears a serious, focused expression on her face that turns into a fearful grimace as she speeds towards the bottom. 

A caption explains, “Our daughter’s first time going down a slide.”

When Sage reaches the bottom, her mom catches her and stops her from falling. The toddler looks thoroughly shaken by her ordeal. 

Sage may have been scared but she has plenty of courage to spare! In the next shot, Sage tries the slide again! This time, she pushes off with confidence, but immediately regrets her decision and tries to grab for the top of the slide. The toddler manages to catch the side of the slide for a moment, but loses her grip and slides down on her stomach, her arms still reaching out to try to stop herself. 

Still, the brave toddler is determined to master the slide! In the next shot, she goes down again, this time with a bit more control. However, once she reaches the bottom, she looks a little shaken and teary-eyed. “Moment of regret,” a caption reads. 

The video ends with Sage going down the slide one final time. This time, she looks more confident and has a grin on her face as she launches herself down the slide. “Right back at it,” a caption reads. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the brave toddler!

“She’s fearless and her piggies are adorable!” one viewer wrote. 

“This gives so much chaotic energy and I love it,” another TikToker commented. 

“Go, Sage, go! She’s so stinking cute!” commented another viewer. 

Sage is one toddler who certainly isn’t afraid to face her fears!

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