Toddler has giggle fit during his ‘first snowball fight’

A toddler had the absolute best time of his life during his first snowball fight. 

Everyone’s first time experiencing snow is completely magical. But when exploring the whimsical frost turns into a snowball fight, the fun is truly next level. TikToker @bautjess shared a clip of her nephew’s “first snowball fight.” The little guy barely looked old enough to walk, so it was a very gentle snowball fight indeed. 


Don’t let this flop 🥺 His first snowball fight 😂 #TiktokBabies #ContagiousLaugh #SnowballFight

♬ original sound – bautjess

The aunt and her nephew were outside the house, where the front lawn was lightly covered in a layer of snow. She picked up a tiny clump of snow and shouted “snowball fight” as she softly chucked it at her nephew. He couldn’t stop giggling. As she picked up more snow, he poked at the tiny pieces of frost in her hands. 

“Isn’t that fun?” she said. “Snowball fight!” 

The little boy stood in his burgundy snowsuit, laughing hysterically. 

The toddler’s laughter proved to be contagious, earning a whopping 7.1 million views on TikTok

“His laugh just made my day,” a user commented

“Oh my gosh. I’m about to tell my parents I want a husband so I can get one of these,” another joked

“I had a messed up day, and this made me feel so much better, someone wrote

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