Mom captures toddler’s ‘full spectrum’ of emotions in just 45 seconds

A mother captured her toddler’s many emotions in just 45 seconds. 

TikTok family account @themcfam has over 145,000 TikTok followers. The star of the show is the family’s 19-month-old toddler Evie, who’s pretty much always bursting with personality. One day the McFam matriarch recorded a conversation with Evie in the car. Let’s just say Evie had some mixed feelings. 


Evie said 😩😡👹😀😇😍😈🤪🥺😖🥶😷

♬ original sound – TheMcFam

“Evie and the full spectrum of toddler emotions in 45 seconds,” the mom wrote in the caption. 

The pair was getting ready to exit their car and enter a new space. 

“Can mommy have the mask?” the mother asked Evie. 

“No!” Evie replied, sounding upset as she held a surgical mask in her hands. 

“Can mommy put on the mask?” the mother asked again.

“Yeah!” Evie said with enthusiasm. 

“Are you ready to go inside? Is it chilly? Are you going to put your hood on? Where’s your hood? Do you want me to put it on for you?” the mother asked

Evie’s face perked up as the mom draped her hood over her head. But when the mom tried to retrieve the mask from Evie again, the toddler let out a shriek of disappointment. 

The hilarious video receiver over 2.1 million views on TikTok. People could relate to Evie’s ups and downs. 

“She’s fighting herself,” a user joked.

“I went through the emotional roller coaster with her,” another said

“Is this not supposed to happen to adults? Boy, I’m in trouble,” someone added.

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