Toddler gets adorably frustrated while playing Operation

This 3-year-old getting frustrated while playing Operation is adorable and so relatable!

Emma, from London, received an Operation game for her third birthday. After her parents surprised her with the game, Emma eagerly grabbed the tweezers and started playing. But the fun didn’t last for long, as the frustrated tot quit almost immediately after a few short attempts.

“I can’t do it!” she yelled, throwing the tweezers across the table. If you’ve ever played Operation, you’ve definitely been there.

Despite encouragement from her parents, Emma’s frustration continued to get the best of her. 

“When I encourage her to persevere, she becomes rather bossy and quite frustrated!” Emma’s dad, Christopher, told Newsflare

After a brief tutorial from dad, Emma once again attempted the challenge. “It’s my turn,” she announced proudly, before grabbing the tweezers and attempting to remove the “butterfly” piece from the belly of the cardboard man (whose name is Cavity Sam, apparently).

But the result was the same. As Emma tried her best to keep a steady hand, the tweezers hit the edge, causing poor Sam’s red nose to light up and vibrate.

The failed attempt was the final straw for the birthday girl.

“Stop it!” yelled Emma, directly at the red-nosed man himself. “Stop wiggling your nose!” Emma then pushed the board away and turned around in defeat.

Operation has been driving players crazy since it was released in 1965, and Emma’s fate was no different. But according to Christopher, Emma eventually figured out the tricky game. 

“She did indeed remove most of the parts in the end,” he told Newsflare. “She tried several times. Perhaps 10 in all.” 

According to Hasbro, Operation is recommended for ages 4 and up. So while Emma might have been a bit too young to truly succeed, it was definitely cute watching her try. For parents, that’s the biggest win of all. 

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