Toddler gets caught rejecting aunt’s FaceTime calls while watching cartoons

Look, when you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone. For kids, cartoon time is sacred and interrupters will kindly be dismissed.

A Twitter user who goes by pillsburyBoyRoy posted a video of his little cousin watching cartoons on YouTube. Suddenly, the show is interrupted by an incoming FaceTime call from the boy’s aunt.

“Hi, baby!” she says with a big smile. Before anyone can marvel at how tech-savvy this kid is, in a hilarious twist, he hangs up the call to get back to his cartoons.

The persistent aunt, naively thinking maybe the connection was bad, calls back three more times and each time, he accepts the call and then hangs up

The hilarious clip racked up 3 million views on Twitter

“My grandbaby will decline on you all, quick! Nothing comes between him and ‘Paw Patrol,'” one user tweeted

“Auntie needs to respect my man and give him the space he wants,” another person commented.

“You can’t be FaceTiming people without an appointment, babies included,” one person said

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