Mom lets 2-year-old do his own grocery shopping to ‘develop independence’: ‘Look how happy he is’

This TikTok parent shared an adorable video of her toddler going grocery shopping “on his own”!

Laura (@lauralove5514) is a mom and TikToker who shares videos of her adorable toddlers, Carter and Jonah. Laura is a proponent of Montessori education and respectful parenting, and is working hard to teach her kids important life skills and independence from a young age. In an adorable recent video, Laura shared how Jonah, after going grocery shopping with his mom many times, was able to go on a grocery run “on his own!” 


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The video begins with a shot of Jonah pushing a child-sized grocery cart into the grocery store. “If anyone tells you that Montessori is forcing independence, just show them this video of my 2-year-old,” a caption reads. 

Jonah wanders around the grocery store, stopping at different shelves to pick up items. He starts in the produce section, where he grabs a head of cauliflower and places it in the shopping cart. 

“Just look how happy he is to be independent and to be allowed to do what he sees everyone else doing,” a caption reads. 

Next, Jonah stops in the snack aisle, where he grabs a bag of veggie chips. Then, he heads to the condiments section where he selects a large bottle of mustard. “Wow! Wow!” the excited toddler exclaims as waves the mustard in the air, showing it to the other customers in the store. 

“He was confident in his choices, didn’t over-indulge, and had a great balance of healthy and snack foods,” Laura explains. 

The toddler goes on to select a bag of mini Snickers bars, some M&M’s and a block of cheese. “He even remembered we ran out of the cheese he likes and wanted to buy more to replace it!” Laura writes in a caption. 

The video ends with Jonah proudly pushing his cart full of purchased groceries out of the store. “They are so capable if you just give them the opportunity,” Laura concludes.

Viewers applauded Laura’s parenting approach and the adorably independent toddler

“I love this, mom! Independence is so important and not to mention they thrive when they’re allowed to have it,” wrote one viewer. 

“I would literally lose my mind if I saw that little man showing me his mustard in the store. Your kids are so precious,” another viewer commented. 

“As an 18-year-old, my cart would never be this balanced and he knows exactly what he wants! I love him,” another TikToker wrote. 

Not only is Jonah able to choose a balanced selection of groceries at just 2 years old, but he had a great time doing it!

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