Dad has hilarious response to toddler’s habit of throwing things

This TikTok parent shared a hilarious video about how he deals with his toddler’s habit of throwing things!

Steven and Ashley (@happilyevansafterr) are TikTokers and parents who share funny and adorable videos of their toddler son, Abriel. Like many toddlers, Abriel sometimes enjoys throwing things, seemingly for no reason. Fortunately, Steven has discovered a hilarious way to address Abriel’s habit: He turns the toddler upside down and makes him pick up whatever he throws!

Steven and Ashley recently shared a video hilariously demonstrating Steven’s parenting technique. Each time Abriel throws something on the ground, Steven simply picks the toddler up by his ankles and slowly lowers him to the ground so he can pick up whatever he throws. 

The video begins with a shot of Steven holding Abriel in an elevator. Abriel holds a toy car in his hands and then throws it onto the floor. Steven responds by flipping Abriel upside down and lowering the giggling toddler face-first so he can pick up his toy. 

A caption reads, “When your toddler is constantly throwing things.”

In the next shot, Steven holds Abriel in an outdoor restaurant. The mischievous toddler pulls off one of his shoes and throws it onto the ground, prompting Steven to flip the toddler upside down and, once again, lower him to the ground to pick up the shoe. 

As Steven lowers Abriel, he stares at the camera, a deadpan expression on his face, while Abriel grins. 

Next, Steven and Abriel stand inside a restaurant. This time, Abriel tosses Steven’s keys onto the ground and Steven, again, flips the toddler upside down and lowers him to the floor, where he can grab the keys. 

In the final shot, Abriel throws a handful of coins into a swimming pool. The video ends as Steven jokingly pretends to lower Abriel into the pool. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the hilarious dad and son!

“At this point, he’s just doing it for the fun of the upside down ride,” one viewer commented. 

“It’s all fun and games until he wants you to do that over and over,” another TikToker wrote. 

Kid’s gonna grow up thinking he’s Spider-Man,” joked another TikToker. 

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