Dad’s brilliant snack hack tricks toddler into eating healthy, while keeping his own snacks safe

This TikTok parent has a wickedly clever hack for when his daughter wants to eat his snack!

TikTok dad Michael Vaughn (@world.shaker) has shared an ingenious hack that not only gets his toddler to eat healthy snacks, but also allows him to keep all of his own snacks to himself! 

The clever TikToker shared a video showing how he places healthy snacks inside the bag of chips he’s eating and hands his daughter a piece of fruit each time she reaches for a chip. 

“Show me your best tip for toddlers,” Michael says at the start of the video. “I’ll go first.”

The video then cuts to a shot filmed from Michael’s perspective as he sits on the couch. Michael is wearing pajamas and holding a bag of chips, and his toddler daughter stands by his side. The toddler reaches towards the bag of chips and tries to grab the bag.

As the camera pans over, Michael reveals that, inside the bag of chips, all is not as it seems. While most of the bag is full of delicious, crunchy chips, there is also a small glass bowl full of grapes and orange slices.

“Yeah?” Michael says as his daughter reaches for his snack. Then, he reaches into the bag, grabs a grape, and hands it to his toddler

“Suspicion,” a caption reads, as the toddler opens her mouth and takes a bite of the grape. The video ends as the adorable toddler eats the grape with a slightly disappointed expression on her face. 

Viewers applauded the hilarious dad and shared their own parenting hacks in the comments. 

“I put my snacks in a coffee mug when I don’t want to share,” one clever parent wrote. 

“Putting the cereal in the Paw Patrol box will get them to eat any cereal as long as it comes from the Paw Patrol box,” another parent shared. 

“I rename anything my son won’t try to make it more fun. He wouldn’t eat carrots, but he would eat the ‘tasty blocks,” wrote another parent. 

“I’ve told my kids their whole lives that if the ice cream truck plays music, it means they’ve run out of ice cream. My oldest is 12 and still believes it,” commented another parent. 

What is your most ingenious tip for toddlers? 

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