Toddler has had enough of quarantine: ‘Kids never lie’

We’re all getting at least a little bit stir crazy these days. With fewer places to go, everyone is feeling cooped up at home. It’s been six months of restricted living, parents and kids are working remotely — tensions are running high. Even toddlers are feeling the quarantine blues.

Stephanie Crain, of stephthom2 on TikTok, recorded her baby girl Olivia Jade venting some of her valid (but adorable) frustrations.

“I hate this house! I hate this house! I hate this house!” she declares as she thunderously waddles from room to room. Finally, she curls up in a ball on the floor. 

In just a few seconds, the toddler summed up the emotional state of so many adults. Olivia Jade’s quarantine rant got 3 million views on TikTok. Sometimes hearing the truth feels good. 

“I understand her on an emotional and spiritual level! This child knows the struggle,” one user commented

“When people say that kids never lie? There you go,” another wrote.

“Everybody’s mood: 2020,” someone said

While Olivia Jade’s outburst is hilarious, it’s important to understand that the quarantine does in fact impact mental health. According to Pharmacy Times, quarantine can cause symptoms like stress, anxiety, depression and in some cases PTSD. So if you’re feeling down, go easy on yourself, you’re not alone and well, Olivia Jade is always here to cheer you up.

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