Toddler has hilarious reaction when her mom speaks through her bedroom Ring camera

This toddler had the best reaction after her mom scolded her through the Ring camera monitor in her room, and the footage has viewers cracking up all over TikTok.

Thanks to new surveillance technology, toddlers are finding it increasingly difficult to evade nap time. One little girl named Mila recently discovered this when her mother, TikToker Rebecca (@mrsedmondson2021), told her to get back into bed through the Ring camera in her room, and viewers can’t stop laughing at her adorably stunned reaction. 

“Today, I spoke into Mila’s Ring camera, and it was kind of epic,” Rebecca explains in the on-screen text over surveillance footage of her daughter wandering around her room at the beginning of the clip

Free from the confines of her bed, the yellow onesie-sporting toddler stands in front of her princess tent and gazes around the kingdom that is her bedroom, seemingly in awe of the liberation. 

Unfortunately, the toddler’s sense of freedom is drastically cut short when her mother sternly says, “Mila, lay down!” through the camera monitor in the corner of the bedroom. 

With a startled expression, Mila stumbles back and screams as she runs out of her bedroom. 

“This is hilarious!”

Mila’s astonished reaction had viewers losing it in the comments section. 

“This is hilarious! Best thing I’ve seen all week,” one user complimented with a series of laughing emojis

“Omg, I did this when my daughter was little through her baby monitor. She thought it was her fan talking and was terrified,” shared one parent. 

“She’s going to grow up to be the one that survives in a horror movie,” one TikToker joked. 

Based on Mila’s reaction, it’s safe to assume that she probably didn’t finish her nap that day. 

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