Cranky toddler absolutely hates getting dressed in the morning

This TikTok parent shared a hilariously relatable video revealing how hard it is to dress her toddler in the morning!

Andrea Moreno (@andrea_mrllo) is a parent and TikToker whose toddler son is definitely not a morning person! In a hilarious TikTok video, Andrea showed how difficult it is to dress her son, Leonardo, each morning. The hilarious video shows the toddler running around the house being chased by his desperate mom!

The video begins with a shot of Leonardo standing in the hallway wearing blue pajamas. The toddler has a pacifier in his mouth and holds a book in his hands. He stares balefully up at his mom as though he knows what she’s about to do and doesn’t like it. A caption reads, “Trying to dress my toddler usually goes like this.”

The moment Andrea starts to approach Leonardo, the toddler begins to run. Though he is still slightly unsteady on his feet, the toddler is surprisingly fast! A caption reads, “We have a runner!”

Leonardo runs into the living room, circling around the couch as his mom trails behind him giggling. “I have to chase him around the house,” Andrea explains. 

Next, Leonardo is shown clutched in Andrea’s arms. The speedy toddler has been caught! Unfortunately, Leonardo is not responding well and begins to wail in his mom’s arms. “He gets so mad when he gets caught,” Andrea explains. “I wasn’t able to record the wrestling match that happened after this.”

In the next shot, Leonardo stands in the bedroom, looking considerably happier. He is now dressed for the day in a pair of gray sweatpants and a shirt decorated with polar bears. “All done!” he says, smiling up at his mom.

“Now he’s sweet,” Andrea writes, as Leonardo leans in to give his mom a big hug. 

“Feel better now?” Andrea asks the toddler.

“Yes,” he replies. 

The video ends with Leonardo giving his mom a kiss on the cheek and saying, “Bye!” 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler!

“Oh what a cute little sour patch,” commented one viewer.

“My daughter does the same thing! It’s the funniest except when you’re in a hurry,” wrote one parent.

“So cute! The run was adorable,” another TikToker chimed in. 

Leonardo might be frustrating to dress in the morning, but he certainly makes up for it by being adorable!

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