Toddler hilariously corrects her dad when he sings song

The internet fell in love with an adorable toddler who corrected her dad while he was singing a song.

The clip, which was posted by popular TikTok parent @karaleapior, has been viewed more than 20 million times! 

In the video, the toddler’s dad sings what he thinks is the first line to the song Cheerleader by OMI, while strumming a guitar.


Get it right, Dad! @felixjaehn #cheerleader #OMI #toddler #2yearsold #momsoftiktok #sing #funny #foryou #fyp

♬ original sound – Franki and the Fam

Oh, I think that I need to find a cheerleader,” sings the musical dad. But as his 2-year-old daughter was quick to point out, those aren’t the actual words to the song. 

“[It’s] not need to find a cheerleader,” said the toddler. “It goes ‘oh I think that I found myself.’” 

The daughter then proceeded to sing, quite adorably, the correct chorus of the 2012 hit. (If you feel the need to double-check, the official lyrics are right here.) 

After completing the song, the toddler made sure to tell Dad that he’d made a mistake.

You forgot the lyrics

“You forgot the ‘eerics’, Dad!” exclaimed the talented tot. She then pushed her chair away from the table, yelling out, “I’m falling awaaaaay.” What a way to top off a stellar performance! 

TikTok users were blown away not only by the cuteness of the clip, but they were also very impressed by the 2-year-old’s ability to speak and articulate her thoughts.

“Her dialogue is IMMACULATE. I’ve never seen a baby so young but so articulate. She is truly a genius,” read one comment with more than 85,000 likes. 

“This is the smartest kid I’ve ever seen,” wrote another. 

Some users were also impressed by the girl’s musical ability. 

“Omg her pitch is so good I’m freaking out,” read one comment with 32,000 likes. 

“A [2-year-old] that catches melody and speaks so well that’s honestly so amazing. She’s the cutest,” wrote another Tiktok user. 

With a daughter that talented, Dad should really be practicing more before his performances!

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