Brutally honest 2-year-old hilariously interrupts mom’s TikTok: ‘Toddlers really don’t care about your feelings’

This mom got a taste of her toddler’s brutal honesty, and it was hilarious. 

Kids don’t exactly have a filter when they’re still learning to speak and socialize. Sometimes they innocently say something but come across as way harsh. 

When TikTok mom Sydney was recording content for her page, her 2-year-old daughter interrupted her. The toddler didn’t hold back how she really felt about the mom’s video. 

The mother was just about to start recording a TikTok video. Her little girl happened to be in the same room as her when she started filming. But the toddler was off-camera. 

“You want to know what made me cry today as a mom?” Sydney said to the camera

“No!” the little girl said off-screen before bursting into laughter. 

The mom also started to crack up. She panned the camera to reveal her daughter’s face, looking mischievous. 

“She really is hilarious. I should’ve known she would have something to say,” Sydney wrote. “Toddlers really don’t care about your feelings.”

The hilarious video racked up 11.6 million views and 2 million likes. 

“‘No,’ and then the evil laugh knowing she is funny!” a user wrote

“If this doesn’t describe motherhood, I don’t know what does, lmao. You’re doing great!” a person commented

“I was crying a few weeks ago, and my daughter said, ‘Crying again? Drop me off somewhere.’ Lmao,” another said.

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