Dad captures toddler’s inexplicable excitement over bike helmet in hilarious TikTok

This TikTok dad recorded the hilarious moment his toddler spotted a shiny bike helmet on the street and couldn’t contain her excitement!

Ethan and Grace (@thearmfarklife) are TikTokers and parents who share videos of their sweet toddlers, Joe and Harper. Recently, Ethan was on a walk with his younger daughter, Joe, when the toddler did something unexpected. Out of nowhere, Joe began giggling and jumping up and down in excitement. Ethan was confused, but followed the toddler to see what she was so excited about, and it turned out to be a shiny bike helmet!

The video begins with Joe running down the street. The toddler wears a purple beanie and puffy gray winter coat. Ethan follows behind her, filming her as she toddles along. The toddler is squealing and giggling in excitement and pointing at something in the distance. 

Ethan pans the camera backwards to show the opposite end of the street. “From all the way back there, she’s been running and pointing and giggling,” he says. “She’s so excited. What could she be running to?”

The toddler keeps running forward as fast as her little legs will carry her. At one point, the family dog crosses her path, but instead of stopping to pet it, the focused toddler continues running. “What is it, Joe?” Ethan asks. “What is it?”

Joe doesn’t reply and instead continues to giggle to herself as she runs. “What could it be?” Ethan asks. 

“Mama!” Joe says, excitedly.

“Is it Mama?” Ethan asks skeptically. “Oh my gosh, what is it?”

Joe ignores her dad again, and continues running. She sounds more and more excited as she nears the object. “What is it?” Ethan asks repeatedly. 

Finally, the toddler stops running and points. Ethan pans the camera around to show the object that has so excited his toddler. “It’s a bike helmet!” Ethan exclaims, showing a bike helmet that has been spray painted a shiny gold, sitting atop a boxlike structure. 

“Pretty dang cool,” Ethan says. “What do we think?”

Joe responds by pointing and laughing excitedly at the bike helmet. “Nature is wild,” Ethan jokes as the video ends. 

TikTokers were cracking up at the quirky toddler. 

“This is how my parents found out I needed glasses,” joked one TikToker. 

“It’s pretty and shiny and she likes it,” commented another TikToker. 

“I completely understand her excitement,” another viewer wrote.

There’s nothing quite like a toddler’s sense of wonder!

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