Toddler yells at jogger to slow down in hilarious TikTok

Viewers can’t stop cracking up over this TikTok video of a toddler begging a jogger to slow down.

TikToker Marlena (@casa_marlena) is a mom and design enthusiast who shares clips featuring her two sons as well as videos of her home renovation journey. Recently, Marlena posted a video of one of her kids pleading with a jogger to slow down, and people all over TikTok are losing it. 

The clip captioned, “When you see someone out for a run,” opens with security cam footage of her husband and toddler heading out the front door of their house.

Both father and son are dressed for the cold and carrying hockey sticks, presumably for an afternoon of hockey playing.

Suddenly, the little boy catches sight of someone jogging past their house. He holds his hand out to the side in disbelief before telling the jogger to “Slow down!”

The little boy’s demands don’t register with the jogger, and they continue on their way. Frustrated that the jogger isn’t complying, Marlena’s son shouts, “SLOW DOWN,” and starts to run after them with his hockey stick in hand. 

“Jesus,” the little boy hollers indignantly. While Marlena’s husband bends over from laughing so hard, their son continues chasing after the jogger, begging them to “Slow down!”

“You tell ‘em, goose,” the little boy’s amused father says before the video concludes. 

Marlena’s video had viewers in stitches all over TikTok. 

“I’ve never seen road rage in a toddler before,” one user joked with a string of laughing emojis. 

“The way that baby said ‘Jesus,’ somebody’s Southern granny was reincarnated,” chimed in one TikToker. 

“According to the little guy, [the jogger] exceeded the speed limit,” another viewer said.

While the jogger didn’t lessen their speed, the little boy’s attempt at being the neighborhood watchman was valiant nonetheless. 

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