Toddler insists she’s ‘just a baby’ after mom confronts her: ‘I’d hire her as my lawyer’

Toddlers never cease to amaze the adults around them. One moment they’re these cute, innocent bundles of joy; the next, they sound like cynical adults. 

The “midwest mama and home educator” behind @little.blooming.women on TikTok had the latter experience during a chat with her toddler. The mother of four was trying to refresh her daughter’s manners after a slip-up, but the toddler wasn’t having it. 

The little girl declared that she was “just a baby” and basically told her mama to lower her expectations. The hilarious video garnered over 44 million views and 6.7 million likes on TikTok

In the footage, the mom appeared to be confronting the toddler outside of their home over some recent behavior. 

“Coco, when mommy says stop, you say, ‘OK,'” the mom said.

“I’m just a baby!” the toddler responded as a defense.

“But you still have to say, ‘OK, mom,'” the mother explained

“I’m just a baby!” the toddler exclaimed

“Did. She. Stutter?” the mom joked in the caption.

A user responded that “she learned that from someone,” to which the mother replied with a laughing emoji, “She has three older sisters.” 

“She went from a baby… to 16 years old real quick!” a user said

“I’d like to hire her as my lawyer, please,” another commented.

“I swear these pandemic babies are next level…” someone added

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