Toddler lights up with joy the second he sees mom at daycare: ‘[This] continues to be the best part of my day’

This toddler has the most adorable reactions when his parent picks him up from daycare!

RomanZMum (@romanzmum) is a parent who shares videos of her family, and especially her adorable toddler son, on TikTok. In one heartwarming video that racked up 2.8 million views and counting, RomanZMum shared how her son reacts when she picks him up from daycare.

The video begins with RomanZMum standing in the hallway outside her son’s classroom. A caption reads, “Picking up my son from daycare continues to be the best part of my day.”

RomanZMum slowly approaches the classroom door and pushes it open. Her son stands on the far side of the classroom, holding a plastic bin in one hand. He turns toward the door as it opens and the moment he catches sight of his mom, he breaks into a giant grin. Then, the adorable toddler throws the plastic bin on the floor, and begins giggling joyfully as he toddles excitedly towards her. 

In the next shot, RomanZMum once again stands outside her son’s classroom. When she opens the door, her son is standing on the far side of the room, and doesn’t seem to notice her at first. Then, he catches a glimpse of his mom, and immediately breaks into an infectious smile and runs towards her. 

Next, in the final shot, RomanZMum starts filming through the window of the classroom door. Several children run by, and others are playing inside. Her son kneels on the floor in the back of the classroom, and for a split second is occupied in play. Then, before RomanZMum even opens the door, he spots her and leaps to his feet. The video ends as the toddler walks towards his mom, laughing happily. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable video and its star!

“He’s so happy! I love him,” one TikToker wrote. 

“This is the most adorable thing I have ever seen!” another viewer exclaimed.

“The way he waddles over to you is so cute,” read another comment. 

Sometimes, when it comes to parenting, it’s the little moments that mean the most. Picking your kids up from daycare or school can be a chore, but for RomanZMum, it’s also a special moment to connect with her toddler!

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