Mom shares genius tips for getting her toddler to listen: ‘Find the yes’

This TikTok parent shared her brilliantly simple hack for getting her toddler to listen! The secret? Turn “no” into “yes!”

Lauren Mejia (@motherhoodandmontessori) is a mom and TikToker who shares parenting advice and hacks, along with videos of her adorable toddler, Brax. Lauren has a degree in childhood development and is a proponent of Montessori education. In a recent video, she shared her easy strategy for getting her toddler to pay attention to her, by finding ways to turn “no” phrases into “yes” phrases. 

The video begins with a shot of Brax sitting in the bathroom beside a training toilet, holding a few toys in his hands. The toddler ignores his mom as he plays with the toys. “Toddler not listening?” Lauren asks in a caption. “Find the yes!”

In the next shot, Brax sits in a highchair wearing a bib. The toddler has a plate in front of him with scattered bits of food on it, as well as a bowl full of vegetables. He grabs handfuls of food from the plate and places them in the bowl. 

In a caption, Lauren explains that, instead of saying, “Stop throwing foods!” she advises parents to give their kids a “no thank you” bowl to put unwanted food in. Then, instead of saying “No,” parents can tell kids, “Put it in the ‘no thank you bowl.’”

In the next shot, Lauren pushes Brax in a shopping cart through a store. Brax holds a toy in his hands and looks up at his mom pleadingly. Instead of saying, “We can’t get that toy right now,” Lauren recommends saying, “Let’s take a picture so we can remember for your birthday.”

Next, Brax is chewing on something he shouldn’t be. Lauren places an empty bottle in front of him and, instead of saying, “Don’t put it in your mouth,” says, “Put it in the bottle.”

Finally, Lauren shows a shot of herself talking on the phone. When Brax tries to get her attention, instead of telling him not to interrupt, she explains, “I will listen to you as soon as I am finished.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Lauren’s helpful parenting tips. 

“Love this! Please make more! I love to learn,” wrote one TikToker. 

“Redirection has helped so much. Instead of saying, ‘No,’ I give her a choice and it saves us all from the tantrums,” wrote one parent. 

“Taking pictures while shopping is so helpful. Not only does it stop a tantrum, but then I have ideas for a wishlist,” commented another parent. 

Sometimes getting your toddler to pay attention is as simple as turning a “no” into a “yes!”

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