Toddler has hilarious reaction to mom running bath: ‘He’s so precious’

This adorable toddler proved his favorite time of day was bath time. 

Sometimes nothing hits the spot quite like washing the day off. Cleansing can be a relaxing and soothing form of self-care for everyone, even kids. Back in May 2020, TikTok mom Natalie shared a video of how her son Bravin reacts to finding out it’s time for a bath. Let’s just say, the little guy was nothing short of excited. 

“About to turn on the bathwater and watch this little gremlin come running. Here we go,” she said in the video. 

The mom turned the faucet on to fill the bathtub. The sound of the water pouring was her signal to the boy. Natalie didn’t have to call her son over; she just waited. The family dog was pretty excited too. The canine stood in the hallway, anticipating Bravin’s arrival. 

After a few moments, the sound of tiny footsteps grew louder and louder as the toddler came closer. Soon enough he stormed into the bathroom, shirtless and ready to go. He cheered in excitement. Bath time was lit. 

The cute video racked up over 2.5 million views. People loved Bravin’s excitement. 

“Oh my goodness, he’s so precious,” a user commented

“I love how your dog even knew he would run in,” one person noted

“This is so cute. My daughter does the same thing,” another wrote

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