Toddler gets ’emotionally invested’ in an egg, and the result is ‘pure devastation’

This mom tested out a friend’s theory on her toddler, and the results were an emotional rollercoaster. 

TikTok mom Kenzie Shayne has a baby boy named Pierce and a toddler daughter named Payson. The mother heard that toddlers can naturally handle delicate eggs without breaking them — so she gave Payson an egg and recorded what happened. 

“My friend told me if you give a toddler an egg, they’re supposed to be super, super gentle with it,” Shayne said. “So we’re going to try with Payson.” 

The mom handed Payson an uncooked egg. The little girl gently held it in her hands and placed it on the floor. But when mom and dad asked for it back, Payson had already gotten attached to it.  

The toddler continued to play with the egg throughout the day. Then, when Shayne took it for a second, Payson was nearly brought to tears. Although the toddler tried her best, eventually, nature took its course. The egg fell on the floor, and Payson couldn’t help but freak out a little. 

“When you get emotionally invested in your egg,” Shayne wrote

The video received over 21.5 million views and 5.5 million likes. 

“That was pure devastation right there,” a user noted.

“The sadness on her face when she broke it,” another wrote

“My daughter would chuck it across the room,” someone joked

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