Toddler manifests positivity at the doctor: ‘I’m gonna do such a good job’

This mom on TikTok posted a video of her toddler “manifesting” a successful doctor’s appointment through positive self-talk and viewers were amazed by her bravery!

Visits to the doctor can be scary for toddlers, but there are ways parents can help make the situation a little less stressful. One method that TikToker and parent Laura Fritz (@laurahfritz) and her daughter, Lena, practice during those nerve-wracking moments in the waiting room is positive self-talk and affirmations. 

The clip, captioned “Manifesting At The Doctor,” begins with a shot of the adorable toddler sitting in her mom’s lap while they wait for the doctor

“I’m not gonna cry. I’m not gonna cry. I’m gonna do such a good job,” the little girl declares, looking into the camera. “I am NOT gonna cry, okay?” she asserts to her mother, who responds, “Okay, okay,” in good-natured assurance. 

Continuing her positive manifestation, the two-year-old points to something off camera and affirms, “I’m gonna be really careful in that door, okay?”

The clip then cuts to a shot of little Lena, wearing purple Crocs and leopard-print leggings, stepping on a scale.

“Can we see how tall you are?” someone asks off camera, to which Lena responds by sweetly nodding.

In the next shot, Lena calmly stands against a stadiometer and looks around curiously while a medical professional takes her measurements. 

“I didn’t cry!” Lena proudly exclaims, sitting on her mom’s lap while they wait for the follow-up after the appointment. 

“You didn’t cry. That was so good,” Fritz says to Lena in agreement. “I was standing on the thing,” Lena mentions proudly. 

“Yeah, I’m so proud of you,” Fritz says, laughing. “Thank you,” Lena responds in the most wholesome way possible.

The clip closes as Lena observes to herself, “I’m so good.” 

Viewers all over TikTok were delighted by the toddler’s can-do attitude. 

“She talks so positively about herself. I can’t even do that,” said one user. 

“The way you must be raising her makes my heart warm,” one viewer commented. 

“Maybe I don’t hate all children,” joked another commenter. 

While there’s nothing wrong with kids sharing their emotions, it’s nice to see how positive self-talk can be beneficial. 

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