TikTok parent shares a simple trick for making mealtimes with toddlers easier

This mom on TikTok shared a brilliant parenting hack for making mealtimes easier for her toddler, and viewers are obsessed. 

TikToker Emily (@emmshap) is a busy mom of 3 who often shares parenting-related hacks and content. One of Emily’s videos features a clever trick she uses to make breakfast and lunch more appealing for her toddler, and it’s a mealtime game changer! 

In the clip, Emily notes, over footage of her slicing fruits and vegetables, that “mealtimes started becoming a battle a month or two ago, and I was so tired of the fight.” So, she started making her toddler snack boards for breakfast and lunch as a solution. 

The next shot features Emily arranging an assortment of sliced apples and cucumbers along with a small bowl of blueberries, cheddar bunny crackers, and frozen pizza on a wooden lazy Susan

The snack board allows Emily’s toddler to leisurely pick at his food while playing, alleviating any pressure to sit still and eat everything on the plate.

While Emily notes that this food prep method has her constantly sweeping, she feels “it’s better than the stress that mealtime was causing.” 

Parents and non-parents alike took to the comments to express their delight over Emily’s mealtime strategy. 

“This seems like a good idea, [I] will need to remember when I have kids,” noted one future parent. 

“Dude, whatever works lol. As long as they eat,” one TikToker said. 

“We do the same for our 17-month-old! [It] works so much better than the ‘eat what is served’ concept. My little one is a snacker too,” one parent shared. 

“Yep! I also have a grazer. Maybe 3 times a week, he’ll sit down and eat a full meal. Toddlers are too busy to stop and sit to eat,” chimed in another parent. 

Based on the comments, mealtime with toddlers can feel like an uphill battle. Emily’s snack board hack is a helpful trick for parents with fussy eaters to have up their sleeve.

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