Toddler son adorably messes up dad’s wedding proposal: ‘This is all going wrong’

What could be more nerve-racking than a wedding proposal? Popping the question has got to be anxiety-inducing even if you know the person will say yes. 

TikToker @aidanfrompostoak organized quite the adorable proposal in bed for his girlfriend. The only trouble was their son Michael wouldn’t quite cooperate. In the end, the little guy’s shenanigans just made the special day even more memorable. 


When your proposal goes a little different than you expected 🤣 #proposal #engaged #fyp #goodjobson #loveyou

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“When your proposal goes a little different than you expected,” the father’s caption read

Michael had one job, and it was an important one: Deliver the ring to mommy in bed. But the arduous journey from the hall to the bedroom was full of treachery. On Michael’s way into the bedroom, he gently tripped over the baby gate and planted himself on the carpet. 

The father couldn’t stop laughing, but that wasn’t the end of it. When Michael approached the bed where mom was, he instantly threw the ring on the floor. Then he went for a bag of Chips Ahoy! under the bed. 

“Give that to mommy, and you can have a cookie,” the father told Michael. 

But instead, Michael went for the cookies again. 

“This is all going wrong!” the father said, laughing. 

The adorable video racked up 10 million views and 1.8 million likes. 

“I love how there’s cookies under the bed, and he knew exactly where they were,” a user wrote

“Diamonds are forever, but snacks are for life,” another replied

“I love that he fell then got right back up. Lil man was on a mission,” a TikToker said

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