Toddler cries for dad in the middle of the night in touching TikTok

This TikTok parent shared an emotional video showing how hard it is listening to his daughter cry.

Ced Thompson (@footballtofatherhood) is a dad and former professional football player who shares funny and relatable parenting content on TikTok. Ced has a close relationship with his toddler daughter, Maddie, and recently shared a video revealing just how hard it has been for Maddie to become accustomed to sleeping in her own room at night. In the emotional video, Maddie cries out for her father until he comes and comforts her. 


Fatherhood has been my greatest and most fuflling job yet. Not easy, but worth it every single day. #parentsoftiktok #girldad #onthejob

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The video begins with a security camera shot of Maddie’s bedroom. Maddie sits on the corner of her bed, her knees pulled up to her chest. A caption reads, “This video is from when Maddie had just started sleeping in her own room instead of with us.”

In the video, Maddie is crying and calling out to her dad. “Daddy!” she calls. “Dada, come here!”

“Usually she only has to call my name once and I come running,” Ced explains in a caption. 

The toddler continues to cry and call out for her dad. “Daddy, come here!” she calls, but Ced doesn’t respond.

Ced writes, “But this time, I couldn’t hear her until…”

“I need you,” Maddie cries, her voice cracking. 

Finally, Ced enters the room. “I felt the full weight of her fear from those 3 words and felt like I let her down,” the dad explains in a caption.

Ced walks towards Maddie, then crawls into bed with her. He holds her in his arms and tells her, “It’s okay. I’m right here.”

“As she grows, and we grow together, I know there will be times when she needs me and times where she doesn’t,” Ced explains. “But she will always know that I am right beside her, when she does. Her biggest fan and protector.”

The video ends with Ced giving Maddie a hug and helping her calm down. 

Ced’s emotional video had some viewers applauding the dad and others tearing up!

“I’m not crying, my eyes are just sweating,” wrote one viewer. 

“Most beautiful video I’ve seen,” another TikToker commented. 

“Just when she said, ‘I need you,’ broke my heart!” wrote another TikToker. 

While Ced knows it’s important for Maddie to learn to sleep in her own room, he also knows that there are times when it’s important to be there to comfort her!  

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