Toddler negotiates toy cleanup in adorable TikTok

This adorable video of a toddler trying to broker the number of toys he has to clean up has viewers sore from laughing so hard. 

It can be challenging getting your toddler to help out with chores, especially when they have the communication skills to talk you out of it. Three-year-old Aldrian can attest to this notion based on a video his mom, @mom_aldie, posted on her TikTok account featuring the adorable little boy amid discussions over how many toys he has to clean up, and it’s a hilarious example of how to negotiate with your toddler on chores.

The clip opens with a shot of Aldrian sporting a space-themed onesie while walking across the toy-strewn living room to talk to his mom.

“I’ll just clean up half of my toys, mama,” Aldrian rations. “Why just half?” the little boy’s mother asks, to which he replies, “Because it’s so messy! I need to clean up half of my toys.”

“How about all?” Aldrian’s mother suggests. The toddler takes a moment to consider the request before answering, “Um, okay, it’s up to you.” 

“I want you to clean up all of your toys,” the little boy’s mother says. “Okay, it’s up to you that you want me to clean up all of my toys,” Aldrian declares before running across the room to pick up a firetruck. 

The clip cuts to a shot of Aldrian from a few moments later. While fewer toys surround the toddler, he knows he has more cleaning to do. “My toys are still on the floor! It’s a long time for me to help the room to get ready,” the little boy remarks in toddler babble. 

Aldrian rushes around the room, stashing his toys away in drawers and on shelves. “I’m a bit busy,” he reminds his mom each time she asks why he won’t talk to her. 

“Just one second, mama,” Aldrian repeats, picking up one last book on the floor before giving the carpet a final cleaning with his toy vacuum

Aldrian’s wholesome cleanup job had hearts melting all over TikTok.

“Love the way he said, ‘It’s up to you,’ then went to work,” one user mentioned. 

“You see the reverse psychology? It’s up to YOU that YOU wanna clean up all of my toys! You’re too slick, Aldie,” commented one TikToker.

“He’s so cute, even when he’s a bit busy,” one viewer joked. 

Even though he might need a little persuading, Aldrian still manages to do his chores with a smile.

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