Toddler develops ‘legit British accent’ from watching ‘Peppa Pig’

If you think your kid is obsessed with Peppa Pig, they probably aren’t as big a fan as this American toddler

The irony of TikTok mom and speech pathologist @spinach4breakfast’s son taking up an English accent after watching the popular U.K. children’s program is not lost. The mother admitted that her son had a bit of extra screen time during 2020 while she was pregnant with her second baby.

“If you ever feel bad for letting your kids watch TV…just know my child had a legit British accent from Peppa Pig,” the video text read

She created a montage of her son’s pretty convincing English accent. It seemed to affect his speech whenever he asked a question. Some of the phrases you could hear the accent in included: Can I borrow the hot sauce? Are you hungry? Can I have a big coffee? Can I have it? Can I drink it? 

People definitely could relate to Peppa Pig having a similar effect on their kids. 

“My nephews are black boys from Memphis TN with slight British accents,” a user said

“My kids asked to for take away from the local pizzeria. I’ve never said those words together in a sentence my whole life,” another commented

“My son talked with a British accent from 2-5 yrs old. We are Italian from Jersey/NYC,” a person wrote

“My nephew is Mexican and he sounds British,” a TikToker replied

“My kid says petrol for gas, calls the grocery cart trolley, and says people or things are being cheeky when they don’t behave correctly,” someone added

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