Toddler with perfect ‘manners’ gives mom the sweetest surprise: ‘Her smile melts my heart’

There’s nothing like those moments when your little one shows you love. They can make all the taxing work and responsibility of parenting feel worthwhile in a split second.

Now, parents know that when a toddler gives a gift, they’ve probably had a little help from a grownup. Let’s just say that when it comes to presents from kiddos, it’s the thought that counts. Those small acts of affection can lead to some of life’s most tender moments.

When TikToker Laura Fritz walked down her staircase last Mother’s Day, she got the surprise of a lifetime. 


the sweetest mother’s day surprise! 💗

♬ original sound – laura & lena

“Mommy!” her toddler daughter Lena called out. “We got you some orange flowers!” 

By the time Fritz walked downstairs, the little girl was so excited about making her mama happy that she was absolutely beaming. 

“Can I give them to you? Can I give them to you?” she eagerly asked. 

Then daddy handed Lena a bouquet of orange roses, and the toddler delivered them straight to mom.  

“Thank you, Lena. They’re so pretty,” Fritz said.  

Next, dad told Lena to “go get the balloon, too.” Lena sprang up, ran around the corner and brought back a Mother’s Day balloon. 

The Mother’s Day surprise received 16.3 million views on TikTok

“Her smile and enthusiasm melts my heart,” a user wrote.

“Well, I just want to tell you that I would die for your daughter,” someone joked

“She is literally like a kid someone created for a Pixar movie! The voice and manners,” another said

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