Mom hilariously tests toddler’s sense of ‘personal space’ by handing her personal objects

This TikTok parent shared a hilarious technique for testing how much personal space you get as a parent!

Alyssa Perez (@theteamuschannel) is a parent, fashion aficionado, and TikToker who shares videos of her husband and 3 kids. Alyssa recently shared a video of her toddler daughter, revealing just how little personal space she gets as a mom. In the video, Alyssa reveals how attached to her hip her toddler is, by testing whether she knows how to use her hair and beauty supplies. Spoiler alert: Alyssa’s daughter can use them all!


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The video begins with Alyssa’s toddler standing in front of the camera wearing a pink shirt decorated with unicorns. The little girl smiles up at her mom as audio plays that says, “How to test how much personal space you get as a mother challenge: Hand your toddler your personal things and watch their response. If they get all of them right, you have your answer.”

Alyssa begins the “test” by handing her daughter a false eyelash. The toddler looks down at the eyelash for a moment, then holds it up to her face. She attempts to press the eyelash onto her lower eyelid, but it falls off onto the floor.

Undeterred, the toddler picks the eyelash up and places it on her eyelid again. This time it stays on and the toddler grins. 

Next, Alyssa hands her daughter a long blonde wig. Without hesitating, the toddler lifts the wig and places it on her head, adjusting it expertly so that it sits at just the right angle. 

Finally, Alyssa hands her daughter a pair of bright pink high heels. The toddler slips her feet into the shoes, leaning on a chair for balance. For a moment, the toddler seems unsteady on her feet, but then she begins to walk. 

The video ends as Alyssa’s daughter expertly walks around the room in the heels, copying her mom’s technique perfectly. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Alyssa’s hilarious video and her adorable toddler!

“She walked in the heels like a model,” one viewer applauded!

“Omg she is so adorable,” wrote another viewer. 

“If this ain’t a diva, I don’t know what is,” commented another TikToker. 

Alyssa’s toddler certainly seems to be following in her mom’s glamorous footsteps!

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