This toddler has the most adorable friendship with her pet pig

This toddler is best friends with her pet pig, and it’s so adorable!

Shasta McNaughton (@azandmommy) is a TikToker and parent who lives on a farm with her toddler daughter, Azalea. McNaughton is trying to raise Azalea to love all things outdoors, including the farm animals they live with. In a recent video, McNaughton shared the close friendship that has developed between Azalea and a pig on the farm, and it couldn’t be cuter.

The video begins with a shot of Azalea sitting in a pigpen with the baby pig. The tiny piglet scrambles up onto Azalea’s lap, and the toddler gently pets it. TikTok audio begins to play, saying, “Yeah, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.”

Then the video cuts to a series of photos of Azalea grinning and holding the tiny piglet. The toddler grins and clutches the piglet to her chest. In the photos, the pig is still small enough for Azalea to lift up and carry, but that’s about to change!

In the next photo, several months have passed and the pig has grown significantly. Now, instead of holding the piglet in her arms, Azalea sits on the pig’s back. The toddler wears a T-shirt and gray sweatpants and grins as she stares down at her porcine buddy. 

Next, a video begins to play, showing Azalea riding the pig. The toddler clutches the pig’s bristled hairs and leans forward as the pig trots through the grass. Both pig and toddler seem to be having a great time as they explore the farm together. 

In a caption on the video, McNaughton writes, “8 month difference… and I thought kids grew fast!”

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McNaughton’s video has racked up millions of views and had TikTokers applauding the adorable friendship between Azalea and the piglet.

“Look how much they love each other! Such an awesome memory she’s making,” commented one TikToker.

“If they don’t go as Timon and Pumba for Halloween, I’ll be upset,” joked another viewer. 

“Takes piggyback rides to a whole new level,” another TikToker wrote. 

Azalea and her pig certainly have a truly heartwarming friendship!

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