Dad convinces toddler she’s ‘powering’ the TV in hilarious TikTok

This dad hilariously pranked his daughter by telling her how she could “power” the TV, and viewers were in stitches!

A parent on TikTok (@tworcubed) recently shared a hilarious video of his daughter peddling a makeshift stationary bike in front of the TV, convinced she’s the one “powering” it. 

The clip, which has amassed over 18 million views, features an adorable little girl seated on her Frozen-themed bike, complete with tassels on the handlebars, in front of the living room television

Two boots hold the training wheels in place, so the bike remains stationary. A power cord extends from the TV to the bike, giving off the illusion that the two are connected.

The little girl sits on her bike and stares mesmerized at the TV. She matches the rate at which she pedals to the action happening on-screen. As the activity picks up on the TV, she pedals faster, then slows down during any quiet moments.   

The video ends, but, given the little girl’s reaction, she’s probably still going. 

TikTok viewers found the video amusing and took to the comments to participate in the fun.

Peloton has 24 hours to respond,” one user playfully noted. 

“When they go watch a movie at a friend’s house, ‘Okay, who’s gonna run the bike?’” joked another viewer. 

“Please post their reaction when they’re in their teenage years realizing it was all a lie,” one user requested. 

Other viewers found the bike’s appearance as a power-generating device particularly hilarious. 

“The boots holding the training wheels,” one user declared with a series of laughing-crying emojis. 

“The extension cord,” noted another viewer, to which someone replied, “I know, right? I can’t stop laughing at that.” 

Who says screen time and exercise have to be mutually exclusive?

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