Toddler hilariously collapses in protest when Dad says it’s bedtime: ‘She was military level trained for this’

This toddler had the perfect reaction to her father’s bedtime request: an absolute refusal to comply.

Eliza Adalynn Moore passed away from a rare aggressive cancer called a rhabdoid tumor on June 20. She would have turned three just a couple of months later on August 10. Before and after their tragic loss, Eliza’s parents Chance Moore and Kate Hudson used TikTok to celebrate their daughter’s memory. 

A video of the toddlerreposted on the account @badparentingmoments, showed the playful side of the little girl.  

In the video, Eliza was doing what any little girl her age would be doing: watching Finding Nemo. While she was watching the movie, dad entered the room and interrupted.

“Bedtime,” Moore announced, turning the TV off with his remote. 

But as soon as Eliza heard the word “bedtime” she dropped to the floor in protestation. She sprawled out on the living room’s hardwood with her belly on the ground. Eliza was not ready for bed. 

The adorable clip received 726,000 likes on TikTok. People applauded the girl’s act of resistance. 

“I mean you did turn the TV off in the middle of “Finding Nemo“. I agree with her,” one person commented

“It looks like she was military level trained for this,” another wrote

“Peaceful protest at its best,” a user said

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