Toddler has adorable reaction after breaking a wooden block in Taekwondo

This Taekwondo instructor posted a video of one of his young students breaking a wooden block, and the child’s triumphant reaction, coupled with his supportive teacher, struck a chord with many viewers.

TikToker Master Kim (@seankwondo) is a children’s martial arts instructor who often posts clips of his students showing off their Taekwondo chops. One of Master Kim’s videos features his most viral TikTok post of 2021. He coaches a young kid attempting to break a wooden board with his fist, and viewers can’t help but gush over the child’s victorious reaction in addition to the positive learning atmosphere. 


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The clip opens with a shot of Master Kim kneeling on the floor and placing a wooden plank on top of a black plastic crate.

“Left or right? Which one is stronger?” Master Kim asks the little boy, gesturing with both hands.  The little boy holds up his left fist. 

Surprised, Master Kim asks the little boy if he’s sure that his left hand is stronger than his right, but his student insists. 

The little boy holds up his left fist high in preparation to make a punch. Master Kim grabs ahold of the child’s fist, ensuring the little boy’s hand is in the correct position to make a punch.

“Hammer, Hammer, Hammer,” Master Kim tells the little boy to remind him to tighten his grip for a powerful punch. “Oh, it’s a tomato! It’s a tomato! So squishy,” Master Kim jokes regarding the little boy’s soft grip.

The little boy’s eyes light up, and it’s clear the boy is giggling so hard even though he’s wearing a mask. “Make it round! Make a hammer! Make a hammer! Hold still,” Master Kim encourages his student

The little boy holds his left fist up high in preparation to smash through the board. “Focus,” Master Kim tells his young student, who repeats the affirmation. “Confident,” Master Kim says, to which the child again repeats the word.

“Ay Ya!” Master Kim shouts, inciting the child to yell, “Ay Ya,” before slamming his fist down through the wooden plank.

The little boy beams as he receives a double high-five from Master Kim before the video closes with cheers and applause from the entire class. 

Viewers couldn’t help but gush over the heartfelt moment between teacher and student

“Great teaching [and] installing confidence with fun,” remarked one user. 

“You’re an awesome teacher. That’s rad, bro,” one TikToker complimented. 

“I felt confident and strong,” another viewer noted. 

Videos such as this one are a great example of how a great teacher can make all the difference, no matter the endeavor.  

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