Hilarious toddler recaps ‘rough day’ to his parents

A toddler had an epically bad day. But from the sound of it, mom and dad had it much worse. 

TikTok mom Alissa Lenz shared a video where her husband interviewed their son about the day’s events. The hilarious exchange was a whirlwind of cringe moments that snowballed into basically the worst day ever.

The father asked his toddler son a series of questions as the little boy sat on the kitchen counter in his pajamas. 

Dad: Did you have a good or bad day?

Son: A bad day.

Dad: You had a bad day?

Son: Yeah. 

Dad: Did you poop your pants? 

Son: Yeah.

Dad: Did you poop in the bath?

Son: Yeah. 

Dad: Did you poop on the sofa?

Son: Yeah. 

Dad: Did you pee your pants? 

Son: Yeah. 

Dad: You peed your pants?

Son: Yeah. 

Dad: Did you pee on the sofa? 

Son: Yeah. 

Dad: Did you hit mommy?

Son: Yeah. 

Dad: Did you go to time out? 

Son: Yeah. 

Dad: It’s been a rough day, huh?

Son: A rough day.

The funny video received over 3.9 million views on TikTok

“I think mommy needs a long bath and a barrel of wine, oh my,” a user joked

“Thanks for having open communication with him. It builds trust. Awesome dad!” another commented

“It’s like he filled a bad day bingo card,” someone added

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