Toddler refuses to accept that his mom will ever get older in heartwarming TikTok

This parent on TikTok posted a video of her toddler flat-out rejecting the aging process, and it’s too wholesome for words. 

TikToker Donna Whelan (@keepupwithjacob) is a parent and content creator from Ireland whose videos featuring her son Jacob pontificating on life have become a viral internet sensation. Recently, Whelan shared a clip of Jacob contemplating the aging process, and hearts are melting all over TikTok. 

The clip opens with a shot of Jacob sitting on a couch with his head adorably leaning on his hand. 

“You’re not going to get old,” the perplexed-looking toddler says skeptically. When Whelan tells Jacob that she will indeed get old, the little boy firmly shakes his head in disbelief while uttering a resounding “No!”

“I don’t stay this age forever,” Whelan says before Jacob squints his eyes and looks at his mother with a dubious expression. 

After pausing to think for a moment, Jacob widens his eyes and declares, “Well, you’ll grow up into something.

When Whelan tries to explain how she’s getting older, Jacob abruptly cuts her off. “WE’RE NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT THIS,” the toddler shouts as he jumps up with his arms flailing. 

Once again, Whelan reminds Jacob that she’ll be a “little old lady” one day, to which Jacob incredulously gestures and replies, “No, you’re not!”

“You’ll get younger and younger then,” Jacob insists, before pointing out to his “Mammy” that, “If you choose what you want to be, you will grow up into it. If you [do] NOT choose what you want to be, you won’t grow into a Nanny or a ‘Granda.’”

Satisfied with his explanation, Jacob rests both hands on his beverage and shrugs his shoulders, closing with, “See what I mean?” 

Overwhelmed with cuteness, viewers took to the comments to gush over the adorable toddler and his wisdom

“One thing I love about kids, they have solutions to everything,” one user noted. 

“I just love him,” shared one TikToker. 

“I just took so much life advice from this kid,” another viewer mentioned. 

Based on the comments, Jacob’s your man if you’re ever in need of a pep talk

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