Toddler shocks mom with very specific details of her birth in chilling TikTok: ‘Kids know’

A toddler left her mother speechless when she began recounting details about her birth that she couldn’t possibly know, and TikTok is totally spooked.

Mom June (@theothermamajune) gained over 2.5 million views and 200,000 likes when she shared the chilling footage with her followers. Now, much like the footage of the 2-year-old who claims to remember how he died in a past life, June’s spooky video is going viral.

They say that kids have access to worlds that adults don’t — like the toddler who freaked her mom out when she started having a conversation with totally empty air — but June’s conversation with her toddler may prove that kids have access to special memories as well.


Reply to @velezmarchie omg i almost was tonight too…tonights conversation went somewhere I wasn’t ready for!!!!😳😳😳😳#conversationswithmytoddler #toddlersbelikethat

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In her video, captioned “Tonight’s conversation went somewhere I wasn’t ready for,” June details the bizarre exchange with her little girl.

As June asks the toddler a series of questions about her birthday, her daughter answers each one with specific details that she couldn’t possibly know — leaving her mother stunned.

According to the thousands of comments that came pouring in, June’s toddler isn’t the only one who apparently remembers details of her birth.

“My son told me he was being pushed and he felt scared so he covered his face and went to the softest part. He was born with two hands over his face,” one parent revealed.

“[I] knew twins. At 4 or 5 they mentioned the ‘other one that was in with them’. Mom lost a triplet, never told them,” another user wrote.

“My son [was] a C-sec baby, once told me he remembered when the Dr’s hand reached for him,” commented another parent.

“My daughter used to call taking a bath ‘being born’ and putting her head under water was like ‘the pink noises,'” one parent shared.

“Kids know! I know when I was little I would ask where the little girl I used to play with in mom’s tummy went… my twin died before we were born,” wrote another user.

“My son used to say he was born spinning. The Dr had to unwrap him from multiple nuchal loops,” another user added.

While we may never have the answers to these otherworldly toddler mysteries, one thing is for certain: Kids certainly keep parents on their toes with the surprising things that come out of their mouths!

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