Toddler immediately comes running the second Mom plays CoComelon song: ‘My heart just melted’

A toddler had the funniest reaction to hearing the CoComelon theme song from across the house, and now the footage has gone viral.

Mom and TikToker, Katie (@katiebonful), gained over 2.6 million views and nearly 6,000 comments when she posted the video online.

“They said when you play this, babies come to you,” her on-screen text reads β€” and come to her he did!

At the beginning of the video, Katie is laying alone on the floor, the camera angled so you can see the hallway behind her.

Suddenly, the CoComelon intro starts playing (with the iconic buzzing of the little ladybug) β€” and immediately, her baby boy appears in the background of her shot.

Kate’s face breaks into a huge smile as her toddler runs towards her, plops down, and stares with fascination at the screen.

“My heart just melted,” her caption reads.

‘This made my whole day!’

TikTokers flooded Katie’s comment section β€” not only to share their similar experiences with CoComelon but to swoon over her adorable baby.

“Oh my god, he is the most precious bean,” one user commented with a puppy dog eyes emoji in tow.

“What a sweet, gorgeous baby,” another user wrote.

Others commented that Katie’s TikTok, like some kind of Pied Piper, lured their own children to them!

“My son was asleep until this video,” one parent wrote.

“My 3-year-old came from the bedroom,” another person shared.

“That’s funny, I was watching this, and my 5-year-old came over to see,” wrote another parent.

“I just tried this, and both my children came running in,” laughed another parent.

Considering the extreme popularity of CoComelon, it’s no wonder kids around the world come running the second they hear that iconic theme song! It’s sure to be a song that will stick with parents for many years to come.

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