Toddler is incredibly serious about sharing sushi with her parents: ‘I swear this made me want more children!’

An adorable toddler agreed to share her sushi with her parents, but supervised the process very carefully! 

TikTok’s favorite toddler foodie, Bella (@bellafoodie), loves her sushi! In this TikTok, Bella eats her dinner while navigating her parents’ requests for her to share with them. 

Bella starts her meal by chanting “dip dip!” as she dips her tempura into some soy sauce. Her mother asks, “Can you share with Daddy, Bella?” Bella nods her head, but supervises her father closely, instructing him to “Take one, daddy. Take ONE.” 

Bella then generously offers her dad another piece of tempura, only to take another one for herself and say, “Mine. Thank you. My tempura. I love it,” as she dips it expertly in her sauce. 

Bella makes sure to be polite and say thank you, but she’s keeping a close eye on her parents and her food! Bella’s dad asks if he can dip his tempura in the sauce too. Bella adorably nods her head, and says, “Yeah!” but as he dips, she warns, “Not too much. Little bit. Not too much!” It’s her sauce after all! 

After her tempura, Bella requests “more!” She selects some ikura and tobiko. When her dad asks if she wants some tobiko on her rice, she shakes her head emphatically and instructs, “No. In my mouth.” After Bella’s dad feeds her a bite, she announces that it’s “Mommy’s turn now” to feed her! 

Bella ends the video with an adorable wrap-up, announcing, “That’s a lot of food. Thank you Dada.” She may be a strict supervisor, but she shows gratitude for her parents every step of the way! 

TikTok fell in love with Bella and her video, which has 24.2 million views and counting! 

One TikToker commented, “She’s so smart and polite! So cute.”

Other viewers praised her clear and direct instructions. One user commented, “Wow. She’s not only adorable, but she’s smart, polite, and clear in her demands.” 

Bella warmed one TikToker’s heart so much that they commented, “I swear this made me want more children!” 

If you’re hungry for more, Bella’s TikTok has many more videos of the adorable toddler eating and sharing her opinions!

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