Toddler ‘sets dad straight’ in a hilarious phone call

This TikTok mom recorded her toddler daughter making a hilariously indignant, but totally nonsensical, phone call!

Brandy Janell (@brandyjanell4) is a TikToker and parent whose 18-month-old, Taj, has some serious attitude! Brandy loves sharing videos of the sassy toddler, including a recent video of Taj “talking” on the phone with her dad. In the hilarious video, Taj sounds truly outraged by the conversation she’s having. There’s only one catch—The toddler is speaking total nonsense!

The hilarious video begins with a shot of Taj standing in the family’s living room wearing a flower-print onesie. The toddler holds a cell phone up to her ear and marches around the room purposefully as she “talks.” “My daughter setting her dad straight on the phone,” Brandy writes in a caption. 

Taj screeches into the phone and stamps her feet dramatically as she walks around the room. It’s clear that she has a very specific point she’s trying to get across, although it’s unclear what that point might be. Taj hops up and down as she “talks,” and sounds as though she’s truly disappointed in something her dad has done. 

Then, the video cuts to a close-up of the toddler, who is now standing still and listening to her dad talk. At one point, the toddler holds a hand up in the air, in an obvious gesture of frustration. Then, she cuts into the conversation, making an indignant sound that clearly signals that she disagrees with whatever she has just heard. 

“She is a business woman already!” Brandy writes in a caption. 

Taj makes a few more frustrated noises and waves her hand in the air. Then, the video ends with the toddler removing the phone from her ear and staring down at it, as though in disgust with what she has just heard. “She really does not play,” Brandy writes. 

Viewers were cracking up at the adorably indignant conversation! 

“Not lil mama putting her foot down… She told him he better get his act right and do what she says. So cute!” one viewer wrote. 

“I wonder what he’s saying to make her mad,” another viewer commented. 

“Boss baby vibes,” another TikToker joked.  

When she learns to talk, Taj will truly be a force to be reckoned with!

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