Toddler reminds us all to stop and smell the flowers in adorable TikTok

Nothing beats the great outdoors! This toddler had the best time taking in Mother Nature and just, well, stopping to smell the roses. 

TikTok mom @michmags21 shared footage of her son James’ enthusiasm for nature. When the little boy was walking down the sidewalk, he made a point to stop and smell all of the plants and flowers along the way. 

“Smelling those sweet spring flowers,” the caption read

In the footage, James took deep (and audible) sniffs of the bunches of pink and purple flowers that lined the streets. He had a smile on his face the entire time. 

“He even stopped to smell the leaves. Appreciation,” a user wrote

“This is what they mean when people say we need to stop and smell the roses,” another commented

“Not aggressive, just passionately sniffing. So cute!” a person said

Flowers release sweet fragrances and odors to attract pollinating insects and birds, according to Smithsonian Magazine. It’s just by chance that humans also enjoy the natural smell of flowers. But our connection to plants may also be attributed to the fact that being around flowers and plants can improve mood and overall mental health. 

Thus, it’s no surprise when children, who tend to be in tune with their surroundings, seek out nature. According to Parenting Science, kids who feel connected to nature are happier, have fewer behavior problems and are more likely to be compassionate. 

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