Mom reveals the strange items her imaginative toddler carries around in her purse

This TikTok parent made a hilarious video showing what her extremely imaginative toddler daughter keeps in her purse!

Hannah (@failing_full_circle) is a TikToker and parent who shares hilarious and frequently adorable parenting videos. In a recent video, Hannah went through her toddler daughter’s purse and showed off each item, which included everything from a meat thermometer to an empty candy bar wrapper. The hilarious video shows just how creative the toddler mind can be!

The video begins with a shot of Hannah wearing a blue hoodie and standing in her kitchen. She lifts a tiny pink purse up to show the camera, explaining, “My daughter’s been carrying around a little purse and she was showing me everything in her bag.”

Hannah pulls a metal jar ring out of the purse and explains, “I was like, ‘That’s a jar ring,’ and she goes, ‘No, that’s a bracelet.’” 

Next, Hannah pulls an empty candy wrapper out of the purse and recounts how, when she told her toddler the wrapper was garbage, the imaginative toddler replied, “No, this is a napkin, obviously.”

After setting the candy wrapper aside, Hannah removes a meat thermometer from the purse. “I said, ‘That’s my meat thermometer sensor, that’s where that went!’” the mom recalls. 

But her toddler corrected her, explaining, “No, that’s my cellphone.”

Next up, Hannah pulls a handful of measuring spoons out of the bag, explaining that according to her daughter, the spoons are actually her car keys!

Finally, Hannah gets to the last item in the purse: a fork. “Now, I’m finally catching on,” she explains. “I get it, right?” 

The mom recalls that, when her daughter pulled the fork out of her purse, she was convinced she was in on her toddler’s game. “I was like, ‘That’s a hairbrush,’” Hannah recalls. “She goes, ‘No, that’s a fork!’ Like I’m stupid or something.”

The video ends as Hannah rolls her eyes and tosses the fork on the ground. In the background, Hannah’s daughter can be heard calling for her mom

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the creative toddler!

Kids have the best imaginations. I have no idea where my son gets his from,” commented one parent.

“You can’t fault her for creativity, though! Girl has her priorities in order,” wrote another viewer. 

“Amazing creativity and imagination from her! Keep it up!” another viewer added. 

The mind of a toddler is certainly an imaginative place!  

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