Adorable toddler loves ‘surprising’ her parents with Starbucks: ‘This is free serotonin’

This toddler on TikTok loves “surprising” her parents and herself with Starbucks, and her excitement is beyond infectious!

Sometimes, the little things in life are what make people the happiest. This is certainly the case for TikToker Laura Fritz’s (@laurahfritz) daughter, Lena, who loves surprising her family members, as well as herself, with treats from Starbucks. Fritz recently shared a video of Lena enthusiastically delivering her father his drink order, and it’s impossible not to delight in her sheer joy. 


Lena loves herself a good surprise

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The sweet clip begins with footage of the adorable toddler holding a Starbucks venti iced coffee with both tiny hands. “Your hair is a little messy in the back,” Fritz laughs, running her fingers through Lena’s fuzzy blonde mop. 

As Fritz attempts to straighten out her daughter’s hair, Lena can hardly stay still and eagerly approaches her father, who is working in the other room.

“Daddy! Surprise!” the toddler delightfully squeals, walking up to her father and presenting him with his beverage. “Wow, thank you,” Lena’s father says, taking the drink as Lena breaks into fits of giggles. 

“Can you give me a hug?” Lena’s father asks, to which Lena happily complies. “Now I’m gonna surprise me,” Lena declares mid-hug. 

“You’re gonna surprise you?” her father asks, amused. “Yes! Mommy’s gonna surprise me [with] a blueberry muffin,” Lena exclaims, galloping off to the dining room table. 

“Alright, Lena, I have a surprise for you,’ Fritz says in the next shot of the toddler, sitting at the end of the table and eagerly awaiting her treat. “What?” Lena whispers with a wide-eyed smile. 

“You know what it is?” Fritz playfully asks, before Lena replies, “Blueberry muffin,” with sweet anticipation. 

Suddenly, Fritz holds out the treat wrapped in a Starbucks bag, and both mother and daughter cheer triumphantly. But Lena isn’t finished with the surprises just yet. 

The clip then cuts to a shot of Lena standing on the chair while holding something behind her back. “Do you know what it is, Mommy?” the toddler coyly asks. “Is it a bacon and gouda sandwich?” Fritz responds, before Lena, grinning from ear to ear, confirms, “Yeah!”

Lena then reveals the treat she was hiding behind her back before letting out a final “Surprise!” 

Lena’s contagious enthusiasm clearly had a positive effect on viewers. 

“The level of excitement, even though she’s not actually surprised, is sending me,” mentioned one user.

“This is free serotonin,” one TikToker joked. 

“She’s always doing things to bring joy around. She’s so sweet,” observed one viewer. 

Lena’s excitement for Starbucks is a nice example of how life’s little pleasures can make a big impact.

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