Toddler has adorable reaction to mom saying he’s too old for playground swing: ‘You’re not a baby’

This child had a hilarious reaction to being told he’s too old for the baby swing at the playground!

Isabel Silva (@bizzy_._izzy) is a mom and TikToker who loves sharing videos about food, humor, fitness, and, of course, her adorable kids! Isabel recently shared a hilarious video of her son Josiah at the playground. In the video, Isabel tells Josiah he’s too old to swing on the baby swing set, to which Josiah responds with an adorable one-liner: “But I’m a cutie pie!” 

The video begins with a shot of Josiah at the playground wearing a red hoodie and matching bright red pants. The little boy is talking to his mom, but he is mumbling. 

“What?” Isabel asks the perplexed-looking Josiah. 

“Is that too small for me?” Josiah asks, pointing at the swing set made for small children. While Josiah is small, he is clearly too old for the tiny swing set. 

“That’s for babies,” Isabel responds, as she pans the camera over to reveal the swing set, then moves it back to capture Josiah’s reaction. 

“For me?” Josiah asks, looking confused as he leans against one of the swings made for older kids. 

“You’re not a baby,” his mom gently explains.

Josiah looks perplexed for a moment, and stares at his mom as though deep in thought. Then he looks up and confidently tells her, “I’m a cutie pie.”

The video ends as Josiah breaks into a grin and leans against the swing set. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Isabel’s adorable video!

“I’m the kid’s lawyer and I am here to confirm that they are in fact a ‘cutie pie,’” one viewer joked. 

“It’s the confidence for me all day,” another viewer wrote. 

“Well, I mean, he’s not wrong. I feel like he kind of won that debate,” commented another TikToker

Josiah might be too old for the swing set, but as Isabel notes in a caption, “The kid has a point!” 

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