Dad catches toddler daughter adorably talking to herself in mirror: ‘Should we call Hollywood?’

This TikTok toddler was caught talking to herself and having the best time practicing her acting skills in front of the mirror!

Chris and Gabbs (@thecarlinfamily) are TikTokers and parents who share videos of their two adorable toddlers. Chris often films himself styling his elder daughter Audrey’s hair, leaving the camera running for the whole styling process. In a recent video, Chris was about to style Audrey’s hair and left the camera running as he left the room for a moment. When he came back, he discovered the most adorable footage of Audrey talking to herself, and practicing her acting skills, in front of the mirror!

The video, which racked up 2.2 million views and counting, begins with a shot of Audrey sitting cross-legged in the bathroom sink wearing pink pajamas. The toddler is waiting for her dad to return to the bathroom to begin styling her hair. “Daddy!” she calls. 

When her dad doesn’t respond, Audrey begins making goofy faces in the mirror. She pouts, then taps her chin with her finger and frowns. Then, the toddler breaks into a wide grin. “Happy face!” she exclaims.  

A caption reads, “Caught our toddler talking to herself on camera.”

The adorable toddler then begins to frown again. “Sad face,” she says to the mirror

But after a moment, she breaks into a grin again. “Happy face!” she exclaims, as it becomes clear the toddler is practicing her acting skills. 

Audrey goes back and forth between making happy and sad faces, exclaiming, “Happy face!” or “Sad face!” each time she switches. The toddler is clearly having a great time entertaining herself by practicing expressing different emotions. 

Finally, Audrey’s dad returns to the room and catches his daughter practicing her acting skills. Chris begins to laugh as he bends down to kiss Audrey on the cheek. “What are you showing your friends?” he asks as Audrey begins to giggle. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler

“She reminds me so much of Boo from Monsters, Inc. Too cute!” wrote one viewer.

“She is me practicing how I’m going to guilt my future husband into getting multiple dogs,” joked another TikToker. 

“She’s showing us her impeccable acting skills!” another viewer commented. 

It might be time for the Carlin family to call Hollywood. Audrey clearly has a bright acting future ahead of her!       

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