Gentlemanly toddler shocks Disney Princesses when he tips his hat to them: ‘He could teach grown men a thing or two’

A tiny gentleman stole the hearts of Disney Princesses on parade — and now, the sweet footage is going viral!

Mom Vanessa (@vanessaguedert) had an overnight sensation on her hands when she posted a video of her little boy, Bernardo, tipping his Mickey ears to every Disney Princess that passed.

Now, just like the teenage babysitter who shocked the world with her rendition of “Part of Your World,” this sweet Disney-loving toddler is touching hearts everywhere!

In the video, little Bernardo — dubbed “Disney’s true prince” in Vanessa’s caption — stands on the sidelines of a Disney Princess Promenade, proudly sporting his little Mickey ears.

As each of the princesses passes — first Merida from “Brave,” then Snow White, then Elena of Avalor — Bernardo waves, then swiftly doffs his cap.

Such a gentlemanly expression must have surprised the princesses, especially from someone as young as Bernardo, because each of them responded with a visible gasp, then a move befitting their characters: Snow White and Elena curtsied, while Merida put a fist on her hip with a nod of approval.

Since its upload, the video has exploded across the internet, even landing on the front page of Reddit under the popular subreddit, R/Eyebleach.

‘Oh, I needed a dose of this today…’

Thousands upon thousands of Redditors replied to the touching footage.

“For some reason this gets me in the feels. I like how they return the tip of the hat with a curtsy. Good stuff,” one user wrote.

“Awww such a little gentleman. The ears just add to the cuteness,” another Redditor wrote.

“He has an older spirit… Love how you get what you give… Bully for this young man! May he set a standard in this world!” commented another user.

“How beautiful, he could teach grown men a thing or two,” one user remarked.

“Who taught this boy? Good on you,” another Redditor commented.

“This kid is going places,” wrote another user.

“Oh, I needed a dose of this today. This made me grin so big,” one Redditor wrote.

“This is so wholesome,” commented another user, heart emojis in tow.

In a world so often brimming with harsh realities, it’s heartening to know that to little Bernardo, and children everywhere, magic is alive and well — as it can be for all of us if only we believe!

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