Doctor asks 19-month-old if she can jump, and the results are hilarious

This TikTok parent shared a video of her 19-month-old daughter attempting to jump and it’s so adorable!

Courtney (@oursignedworld) is a parent and TikToker who shares videos about what it’s like raising a daughter in a mixed hearing and deaf household. Courtney recently shared a hilariously heartwarming video of her 19-month-old daughter, Madison, attempting to jump for the first time, and it had TikTokers cracking up!

The video begins with Madison standing in a doctor’s office. She wears a red sweater dress and wears her blonde hair in pigtails. The toddler grins at the camera and clutches a stuffed monkey to her chest. “The doctor asked my 19-month-old if she can jump,” Courtney explained. “This is her first time trying.”

For her first attempt at jumping, Madison lifts her arms in the air, swings the stuffed monkey above her head, and then throws her arms down. Though the toddler bends her knees slightly, she never lifts her feet from the floor. 

Undeterred, Madison immediately begins preparing for her next attempt. After taking a moment to regain her balance, she once again swings her arms in the air and bends her knees. Again, despite her best efforts, her feet never leave the floor. 

But Madison hasn’t given up yet! This time, the determined toddler decides to try jumping without the stuffed animal in her arms. All focus, she turns and gently places the monkey on a chair behind her, then nods her head, and prepares for her next try. She swings her arms in the air and bends her knees, but still her feet stay firmly planted. 

The video ends with Madison taking a few steps forward and staring down at her feet, as though wondering why they won’t leave the ground when she tries to jump. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler!

“Love that she looks at the ground like, ‘Why is it still so close to me?’” one viewer wrote.

“She had to put the stuffed animal down and get serious!” another TikToker commented. 

“As a toddler educator, this is totally age appropriate. They don’t really jump until close to 2 and a half,” another viewer claimed. 

Madison may not have successfully learned to jump this time, but the determined toddler still has plenty of time to learn! 

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