Toddler rips off hat and breaks into sprint when truck driver dad pulls in: ‘That’s true love’

A little boy’s touching reunion with his truck driver dad is going viral — and melting hearts all across TikTok.

Mom and TikToker Alexis Hatter (@ahatter5) gained over 9.6 million views and 18,000 comments when she uploaded the sweet video.

Now, just like the toddler who shocked Disney Princesses with his behavior in the middle of a parade, this little boy is tugging on heartstrings around the world.

In the video, Alexis explains that she and her toddler, Kolt, were in the middle of a diaper change when Dad’s 18-wheeler pulled into the driveway.

Immediately upon hearing his daddy was home, Kolt broke into a dead run — even tearing off his little hat as he sprinted across the field.

The lightning-fast toddler was then scooped up into a tight embrace by his dad, who probably couldn’t imagine a better “welcome home” greeting.

Brings tears to an old man’s eyes…’

Nearly 20,000 TikTokers shared their emotional reactions to the video in Alexis’ comment section.

“I drive a truck five days out of the week, and nothing melts my heart more than seeing the smile on my son’s face when I walk through the door,” one user wrote.

“Best feeling in the world when your babies greet you in that manner,” another user commented.

“That run and hat throwing tells the whole story,” wrote another user.

“Brings tears to an old man’s eyes,” shared another user.

“Oh, that’s so precious! When he throws off his hat, you know he means business,” laughed one user.

“I can watch this over and over! I love this so much!” another user wrote.

While life on the road is undoubtedly challenging, especially with little ones at home, warm and loving reunions like this must make it all worthwhile.

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