Toddler has hilarious reaction to taking a tumble in his homemade robot costume

TikTokers are loving this toddler’s hilariously savage reaction after falling over in his homemade robot costume.

TikToker Brittany Riggs (@thebrittanyriggs) is a parent and beauty specialist who mostly shares content about her business, Beauty Unscripted Studio, with the occasional clip featuring her husband, Tim, and son, Lincoln. In one of Riggs’ family videos, Lincoln has a priceless reaction after falling over while wearing his cool homemade robot costume, and viewers can’t get enough of the hilarious footage. 

The clip opens with a shot of Lincoln decked out in his robot costume, complete with aluminum dryer hose sleeves and tin foil wrapped around the cardboard box body. 

Tim bends down to help Lincoln steady himself, as he has difficulty seeing through his narrow cardboard box head. 

Lincoln attempts to take a step, but while his robot body was facing forward, his human feet poking out beneath were not. 

The android toddler stumbles, then trips over his sneaker before tumbling down with an abrupt clonk resulting in Tim almost falling over from laughing so hard.   

While Lincoln’s robot costume protects him from physical harm, it doesn’t render him immune to human emotions of frustration. 

“You’re DESPICABLE!” Lincoln cries out while his hands thrash around the costume’s sleeves. Tim, attempting to suppress his laughter, walks back into the frame and helps his android toddler labeled “Bud Bot” get back on their feet. 

Like Tim, viewers couldn’t help but dissolve into laughter over the typical toddler tumble

“The sound the costume makes when it smacks the ground is what sent me,” one user shared. 

“At first, I thought that he would start crying, but the ‘You’re despicable’ got me,” mentioned one TikToker. 

“Omg, when he put his hands inside the sleeves part,” another viewer noted. 

Regardless of how he feels now, Riggs’ video will definitely be a funny memory for Lincoln to watch as an adult.

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