Toddler adorably can’t figure out how to stop spraying herself in the face with a garden hose

This parent on TikTok shared a video where her toddler can’t seem to stop accidentally spraying herself in the face with a garden hose, and viewers are in hysterics over the relatable blooper. 

TikToker Sarah Quinn (@sdq___) is a full-time mom to two children under 2 years old who posts clips featuring her family as well as some occasional sketch comedy. Recently, Quinn shared a video of her young daughter’s stunned reaction when she couldn’t stop accidentally spraying herself in the face with a garden hose, and viewers could totally relate to the comical blunder.

The clip opens with footage of the toddler desperately trying not to spray herself in the face while holding a garden hose

Seemingly in shock over the water’s force, the drenched toddler goes through a whole range of emotions in the span of a few seconds. 

The little girl opens her mouth wide and flails her hands as if to gain control over the water. But the element’s power proves too much for the baffled toddler, and she eventually drops the hose. 

“Are you okay?” Quinn asks her daughter through suppressed laughter. With a look of irritation, the soaking-wet toddler stares at the camera and holds her hands out to the side as if to say, “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” 

However, not one to throw in the proverbial garden hose, the toddler bends down to pick it up for round two of waterbender training before the video comes to a close. 

Viewers took to the comments to reminisce and share their thoughts on the hilariously chaotic hose down. 

“Reminds me of when my son was walking TOWARDS the broken sprinkler head that was shooting off like a fire hose in his face,” shared one parent. 

“Sorry, sweetie, but we all have quite a few hose pipe moments in life. You’re going to be just fine,” one TikToker assured. 

“Relatable. Tried water skiing for the first (and only time) in my 20s. Got dragged on my face [for] several minutes before realizing I could just let go,” another user mentioned. 

As evidenced by viewers’ comments, everyone has their cringe moments, no matter how old they are.

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