Hilarious toddler won’t share breakfast with mom: ‘Mommy, don’t cry’

This TikTok parent shared the moment her toddler refused to share her breakfast because it’s not for “big girls” and it’s so adorable! 

Melissa Tan (@misspopsasa) is a TikToker and mom who shares videos of her adorable and frequently sassy toddler, Eva Mei. While Eva Mei and her mom have a great relationship, the toddler can have her stubborn moments. In a sweet and funny video, Melissa recorded Eva Mei’s reaction when she asked for a bite of her breakfast. The sassy toddler explained in great depth why she wouldn’t share with her mom!

The video begins with a shot of Eva Mei sitting in a high chair wearing a bib decorated with a pink pig. The toddler holds a spoon in one hand and has a bowl of porridge prepared by her grandma on the table in front of her. Melissa begins recording moments after asking Eva Mei for a bite of her porridge.

“You can have some fried rice,” Eva Mei tells her mom. “It’s for big girls.”

“Is it?” Melissa asks. “So I’m not going to eat your porridge, right?”

“Thank you Ah Ma,” Eva Mei calls to her grandma, before turning back to her mom and telling her, “Only fried rice for you.”

Then, Melissa begins to pretend to cry in order to get Eva Mei to share her porridge. 

Mommy, don’t cry. Fried rice is good for you,” the sweet toddler tells her mom. “Not this. It’s good for me, only.” 

But then, moved by her mom’s “tears,” the toddler has a change of heart. “Sharing is caring,” she tells her mom. “Don’t cry.” 

Then, the toddler scoops some porridge onto her spoon and holds it out to her mom. “Open wide!” she says as the video ends. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable toddler. 

“She’s actually very concerned over her mommy. So cute!” one viewer wrote. 

“She’s so cute and smart at the same time,” another TikToker commented. 

“‘Mommy, don’t cry!’ How sweet,” wrote another TikToker. 

Eva Mei may have plenty of attitude, but she clearly loves her mom a lot! 

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