Funny 3-year-old thinks his words are ‘better’ than audiologist’s: ‘He isn’t afraid to share his thoughts’

A 3-year-old boy went viral when he tried to convince his audiologist his words were better. 

TikTok mom Samantha Miller’s son Renner has a speech delay. During an appointment with his audiologist, Renner was eager to flex his growing vocabulary. The toddler had a host of words and phrases he felt were much better for the exercises at hand than anything the professional recommended. 


When my three year old thinks his words are better than the audiologists 😂 #HaloSilverTeam #OscarsAtHome #audiology #speech #speechdelay #denied

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“When my 3-year-old thinks his words are better than the audiologists,” Miller wrote in the caption

“Um, actually, I’m going to say a couple of my three words: popcorn, baseball, hot dog,” Renner said during a call with the audiologist. 

Miller explained in the comment section that her son has “never been bashful about what he’s thinking” and that the audiologist “was loving it! It was a fun evaluation for them both.” 

When the audiologist suggested three words, Renner wasn’t interested. 

“Um, mine is not those three. Mine is like, wacka wacka, neiner neiner and cool dude and DENIED!” he said, placing extra emphasis on the last word. 

The hilarious video received over 3.3 million views on TikTok

“The audiologist’s words were DENIED,” a user joked

“It’s the vocabulary for me. A 3-year-old is using ‘actually’ in a sentence. I love it!” someone commented

“Audiologist here. I mean, I’m bored of our words, too,” a person wrote

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